Researchers Successfully Electricity Production from Window

CALIFORNIA - A group of researchers at UCLA managed to find an innovative power windows that can generate electricity. With this innovation you can embed transparent solar panels that can capture solar cell into electricity.

Through this invention, is expected to pave the way for future architects to produce buildings that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The reason, every home can generate its own energy without relying on electricity supply from conventional power plants that use fossil fuels and gas.

These solar panels can generate electricity with a record of work obtain adequate lighting conditions. Innovation is called solar window using high-performance solar cell in the form of transparent. Thus, innovation is claimed to have an efficiency of approximately 4 percent, compared to solar panels on the market. As reported by Ubergizmo, Tuesday (07/24/2012).

This innovation can absorb energy near infra red spectrum, it can capture up to 66 percent light. Even during the human eye still see the light, the solar panels can still produce electricity from light limited.