"Joker" Known Threatened Coward & the Death Penalty

AURORA - Families of victims killed in shootings in Colorado theaters, said James Holmes suspects (Joker) as a coward. 24-year-old murderer appears in court and threatened with death penalty.

Wearing uniforms Arapahoe County Jail inmates, and his red hair, James Holmes entered the courtroom, escorted by two guards. He may have accidentally dyed her hair so he looks like an enemy of Batman, the Joker.

Judge William Sylvester told him that at this time, the Joker was arrested on charges of high profile murders. But his lawyer, Daniel King defended by saying that James "Joker" Holmes is not ready to run a mental test.
Family members of shooting victims were sitting in the front row in Arapahoe District Court, see the Joker on trial. Some of them were also seen being interviewed by some media.

"I see the coward in court today. I told myself, 'you (Holmes) is not a hero for today.' I'm not saying this to him, because the courts will not allow me to be around her and I am here to honor my son, "said Tom Teves victims' families, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (24/07/2012).

Tom Teves witnessed her son, Alex Teves who killed himself to save his girlfriend from being waged sporadic gunfire Joker. Teves also wanted the death penalty for James "Joker" Holmes.

Meanwhile, other family members of victims David Sanchez said that he saw the horrible things that inner Joker. Sanchez judge, the defendant was insane.

"I wish he (Joker) got the death penalty, justice must be upheld. Justice is very important to me and my family," said Sanchez.

One victim survived the shooting, Corbin Dates are also present in court were interviewed when the Joker. Dates deeply shocked by the incident.

The court also ready to hold consultations with the families of the victims. The process of investigation of this terrible case will continue.