Okezone.com : Win, Tantowi / Liliyana Make sure to Final

SINJHUANG-Indonesian mixed doubles pair, Tantowi Ahmad / Liliyana Natsir ensure Taiwan stride into the final Grand Prix Open 2011, after the party's semi-final, they won easily over South Korean pair, Lee Yong Dae / Ha Jung Eun 21-12 21-16 in Sinjhuang Stadium.

The match took place on Saturday (10/09/2011), the recently completed and become the property of Garuda partner. Yet in the first game, Tantowi / Liliyana could do with a pair chase chase figures from the country's ginseng.

But by relying on a mature net game and smashing action that was dammed by his opponent, the couple was able to end Indonesia's first game with the score 21-12.

In the second game, the game is quite fierce, chase chase figures paint a party that lasted half an hour. Korean Couple Lee / Ha begin to compensate for a quick game Garuda pair, until eventually the couple failed to continue the consistency of ginseng was their best game.

After Tantowi / Liliyana get the points to 16th, the pair Lee / Ha practically could not catch his opponent's points, and make them recognize the benefits Tantowi / Liliyana in the tournament with a score of 21-16.

Top of this achievement, Garuda pair escaped to the final mixed doubles match and potentially bring the All Indonesian Final if any partner Fran Kurniawan / Pia Zubadiah Bernadeth able to conquer the other South Korean pair Ko Sung Hyun / Eom Hye Won Taiwan in the semi-finals of the Grand Prix Open 2011 .