okezone.com : RVP, Messi his Gunners

LONDON - Print dwigol in previous games, as well as to fulfill the goals record 100 which acted Robin van Persie, Arsene Wenger praised him for the skies. Wenger even dare menyetarakannya by Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

Although it has been long out-studded title at Arsenal, Van Persie remains the most dependable player for the Gunners, Cesc Fabregas after the death proved to Barca, RVP directly serve the North London team skipper.
The notch 239 caps, 64 of which came off the bench, Van Persie Arsenal player who became the 17th in club history, a successful record 100 goals.

According to the assessment of the French pembesut, the typical RVP is not a pure striker, movement is very dynamic, and for him, he was his Arsenal Messi.

"I see similarities in his position with Messi. He accelerates into the opponent's defense, he also likes to push the front line for the more attacking team, "Wenger chirping, as quoted by Emirates 247, Monday (09/26/2011).

"Judging from the position of his role, he was like as a central striker. But when you see its movement around the penalty box, movement is very clever, running diagonally between the opponents, "continued the Professor.

With the Van Persie on the pitch, Wenger believes will always bring positive results, because the RVP often make the difference in the Arsenal game.

"I always thought that the very good first touch, he was able to make a difference, even from a narrow angle to find opportunities," added Wenger.