Okezone.com : Mass Grave Containing 40 Taxi driver's Body Found

BAGHDAD - Iraqis who were wounded by years of war, bombings and sectarian conflict again surprised by the presence of a mass grave containing 40 bodies of the taxi drivers.

A few days ago, a mass grave discovered in the town of Dujail, located in the north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Indeed meets Iraqi mass graves, and one reason is the presence of massacre by Saddam Hussein's regime.

But the Iraqi government said the mass graves containing the bodies of the driver is not an act of Saddam. A total of 40 taxi driver was killed by repeated criminal gang that robbed his car. Similarly, as reported by the New York Times on Monday (9/12/2011).

Police said the gang members stole an estimated tens of taxi two years ago, massacring the driver-driver and buried in the town of Dujail famous for the massacre.

A total of three suspects, one of which is the gang leader was arrested in recent weeks. The gang leader is generally hailed a taxi in the city of Baghdad and went to the city of Dujail, arriving on the outskirts of Dujail, a taxi was intercepted by a gang member. The taxi driver was killed and they sell the car the taxi.

Iraqi police were investigating after reports emerged from the taxi company said the taxi driver they lost. In Babil province, a similar case also occurred. A total of 35 taxi drivers were missing this year.