okezone.com : + Google Finally Open to Public

CALIFORNIA - After 12 weeks tested to a limited circle, eventually Google + which owns the new social networking project of Google's open to the public.

+ Google open to the public this means, users who want to create a social networking account is no longer necessary to wait for an invitation from friends who've made + Google account first.

"Our work is not finished, but with the innovations that have been done so far, we are ready to move forward from a beta trial version, as well as introducing us to the 100 features, go and register," said Google Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra, as reported via Market Wire, Wednesday (21/09/2011).

+ Google Attendance indeed suffered a setback last few months, instead continued to climb since its inaugural launch, posting on Google + actually decreased, according to a recent study.

In fact, recent data seem to mention that Google + will fail to catch up, due to lower posts in the service by 40 percent.

Previously + Google hopes that Google can or at least close up, with a variety of features which he owned, including Circles, and many others.

It seems that until now the user still feel at home using Twitter and Facebook, while Google + could lead to its own hype.