Okezone.com : Google Buy 1023 Patents IBM

NEW YORK - Google is buying a 1023 patent owned by International Business Machines Corp.. (IBM), as the giant Internet company was trying to defend themselves from a series of lawsuits filed by a vendor.

Based on the records of the Patent and Trademark Office, indicated that the Google mebeli thousands of patents on 17 August. A Google spokesman, Jim Prosser, confirm purchases, although no mention of its value. While Chris Andrews, a spokesman for IBM, declined to comment on.

Google is now being gathered strength to fight the attacks launched by Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. OS ndroid against them. Previously Google also has a 1030 patent of a transaction carried out in July. Similarly, as quoted by Bloomberg, on Friday (09/16/2011).

Android is an open source program that is open, thus making it vulnerable to attack other parties with claims that the technology is already used / created earlier.

Some vendors are using the handset makers like HTC's Android OS, Samsung and Motorola Mobility, previously also been attacked by Apple.

To help the 'patent war', the end of last month Google has transferred nine patents to HTC who purchased in 2010 from Motorola Inc. and Openwave Systems Inc..