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NEW DELHI - The type of sea birds that were previously thought to have been extinct 150 years ago is now declared to exist again by New Zealand scientists through a series of DNA tests.

As quoted from The Hindu, Thursday (29/09/2011), a series of ancient and modern DNA testing conducted by scientists at the University of Otago, confirming that the species 'storm petrel' (storm petrel) still exist in New Zealand skies.

Bruce Robertson, senior lecturer in the field of Zoology who led the study, said that their research had identified that the storm petrel is a bird species 'unique sea bird'.

"These findings successful recovery program memujudkan storm petrel number of birds," said Robert Robertson.

Initially the researchers began taking blood samples from suspected bird is the kind of storm petrel that has been extinct in the North Island, New Zealand, in 2003.

After that, the scientists compared the DNA with three skins of birds with similar types of 150-year-old, who collected since the late 1800s and placed in English and French museums.

"Actually, since the year 2003, the researchers have accepted that birds are found is the kind of storm petrel. But there are still unclear, so the process of conservation is blurred," explains Robertson.

"We hope that with this discovery storm petrel bird species of conservation priority will be given as endangered. In addition this invention will also help us to study the bird," he added.

The findings were published online in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.