Okezone.com : Carol Bartz Hurt by Yahoo

CALIFORNIA - Carol Bartz has reportedly decided to leave Yahoo's board of directors, after sebalumnya Bartz decided to stay on the board of directors Yahoo, though it was not served as CEO.

As is known Carol Bartz who was fired from his post as CEO of Yahoo by surprise on Tuesday last week, because the directors deems upset with his leadership.

In an interview with Fortune this weekend, Bartz said Yahoo's board of directors "f *** ed, asking me to stop," and he also expressed intention to remain on the board of directors after being fired as CEO of Yahoo.

During the interview, Bartz recalled how Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock as reading a text when it fired him over the phone.

"Roy, I think it's like a text. Why do not you have the guts to say so myself, I think you're classy," said Bartz.

Bartz said the impatience of directors of Yahoo to stop the implementation plan that will launch Yahoo's revenue growth in 2012.

"They want growth in revenue, even though they know that we will not have revenue growth through 2012," Bartz said.

Bartz's decision was in convincing the board of directors due to Yahoo's employees if Bartz still with them and not leave it.

Actually Bartz felt his decision to stay on the board of directors depend on shareholders' agreement. Bartz was sure to be on the board of directors is less comfortable because he does not have a lot of relationships there.

As quoted by Mashable, Monday (12/09/2011), several recent reports indicate if Bartz is rumored to have left Yahoo's board of directors last Friday. Although to date there has been no direct confirmation of Bartz told the media crew.