Okezone.com : Best University to study English Literature

ENGLISH - Harvard University was named the university's faculty of English Literature with the best in the world. Enthronement is based on the results of recent research conducted university-based agency in the UK, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rangkings.
This time, QS perform ranking of universities with the best faculty in the world of English Literature. QS conducted a survey of 33 thousand 16 thousand academics and entrepreneurs based on the teaching of research, employment opportunities, and the internationalization of the world in 2011.
Here's a list of the top 10 best universities have the best faculty in the world of English Literature, as quoted by the Telegraph, Wednesday (21/09/2011).
1. Harvard University
Harvard University is the best college to study English Literature. Harvard is the oldest and most prestigious university in the United States and has the largest endowment fund among other universities in the world.
The second best university in the world is not only famous competitive, but also cost-prohibitive, amounting to 25 thousand pounds, equivalent to Rp352 million (Rp14, 108) per year.
Harvard Department of English Literature page provides a template letter to "Mom and Dad" for students who want to reassure parents that an English degree is very useful in the real world.
The conclusion of the letter is studying English literature will prepare me into areas that require the ability to read, think right, and clearly written prose.
2. University of Oxford
University of Oxford is the oldest university in the world that use English. This is a campus university with the largest Department of English Literature in the UK that have 900 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students.
In addition to the number of students who are many, the campus also has an impressive achievement when viewed from the alumni. Writer and poet who is a graduate of Oxford is Aldous Huxley, Philip Larkin, JRR Tolkien, Evelyn Waugh, CS Lewis, and John Betjeman. Even university libraries is to provide every book published in Britain and Ireland.

3. University of Cambridge
Cambridge, the world's best universities is the third best college in the world who have the faculty of English Literature. Several former students of this campus is Jeremy Paxman, Emma Thompson, Sam Mendes, and Stephen Fry.
English Literature Cambridge faculty page write, "The experience of reading English Literature at Cambridge is very rich because it combines lectures and seminars provided by faculty."

4. University of California, Berkeley
The campus has impressive achievements in the world of writing. Evidently, the University of California, Berkeley has won 11 Pulitzer among faculty, alumni, and researchers. Pulitzer Prize is the highest honor in print journalism and literature in the United States.
Library that includes some complex covering 12 hectares, is the largest library complexes in the world. Irving Stone writer who had studied at Berkeley (in 1923) wrote a novel Lust for Life, and when made into an Oscar winning film.
5. Yale University
The third oldest university in the world has the best English Literature faculty fifth in the world. The campus is known for freedom and open-minded, where students come from many ethnic, national, and socio-economic conditions are different.
In addition, the campus is open to students with fellow enthusiasts sexual orientation. Creative writing classes that are part of the faculty of English Literature is considered as one of the best class in America.
6. Columbia University
Columbia University is the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in almost every year. The campus is one of the most expensive universities in America, namely at a cost of 27,500 pounds (Rp387 million) per year. The university scored some successful writers like Jack Kerouac, JD Salinger, and Hunter S Thompson.
7. University of Toronto
University of Toronto is the only university in Canada who entered the top 10 list. The campus is produced journalist Malcolm Gladwell and author Margaret Atwood.
8. Stanford University
In the list of best universities in the world, Stanford University was ranked 11. However, Stanford is ranked eighth in the list of the best English literature, although considered a technology-minded educational institutions given the Stanford where the Google founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page their studies.
9. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
UCLA has the faculty of English Literature ninth best in the world. The campus is open to students who work hard and have big dreams. Students who take college courses, Faculty of Literature degree in historical perspective and literature promised a diverse literature.
10. University of Chicago
In this list, the University of Chicago was ranked 10. On campus, students will learn to Early and Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern, Century 18, Century Romanticism, Victorian and 20th Century, and Contemporary, and Transnational.