okezone.com : Amazon Kindle Fire Not Fight iPad 2

CALIFORNIA - Many observers and the analysis that says that tablets Amazon, Kindle Fire, will be a competitor even the real killer for the iPad 2. But it does not apply to observers from JP Morgan.

Analysts Mark Moskowitz said that he refused to claim the Amazon would be a tablet maker of the world's number two after Apple. He thinks this title is simply a noise, he also said Kindle Fire did not interest him and even less impressed.

Moskowitz still yet to see if Amazon unwilling to shift the Apple as the ruler of the tablet market. For him, Amazon only offers a new color touch screen as a tablet.

"Until we see how the Kindle Fire develops, we feel comfortable stating that the vendor's two main tablet remains difficult to compete," Moskowitz wrote, as reported by Apple Insider, Friday (30/09/2011)

Moskowitz said he believes users have come to expect certain features in the tablet, and the Amazon may not meet expectations. He felt Kindle Fire is more of a common computing device than a true tablet