Okezone : Yamaha Confirm Lorenzo to Perform at Motegi

GERNO DI LESMO - Duo Yamaha Racing Team, Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies finally willing menggeber gas in the Japanese Grand Prix track which took place in the Twin Motegi on October 2, 2011.

Initially, a number of famous names in the class of the King refused to take part in the Japanese Grand Prix this season, following the explosion of radiation emitted from nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan's huge earthquake and tsunami that struck Sakura Affairs, last March.

Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Lorenzo himself up with a loud voice refused to appear at the Japanese GP for fear of the effects of radiation are still generated up to now. However, Lorenzo finally melted and ready to go down the track in a race that took place at the Japanese GP.

"Yamaha Factory Racing Team hereby affirm, Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies will compete in the series to 15 in the MotoGP world championship at Motegi Japan, on October 2, 2011," the statement delivered MCN Yamaha quoted as saying on Monday (12 / 9 / 2011).

Certainty Lorenzo and Spies down the track was reinforced by a statement of Lorenzo's team manager, Wilco Zeelenberg following. "A few months he (Lorenzo) refused to go because he did not feel safe, but now we have all the latest info that has changed his thinking. There is no document that says you should not go from there. We'll be there and everything was ready, "said Zeelenberg.

The decision to keep Japanese GP menghelat come from the FIM and Dorna Motorsport after seeing the latest developments undertaken an independent team to investigate the general situation in Japan's post-disaster. The report said the risk of developing radiation in the air, environment and food during the race can be ignored.