Thousands of People Watch the Carrion Flowers Blooming

GENEVA - Swiss Approximately 10 thousand people witnessed the corpse flower blossom as high as two meters in Basel Botanical Garden, last Friday. Understandably, this is the first event blossoming relationship dead in the botanical garden in the next 75 years.

Titan Arum or Amorphophallus titanum or so-called corpse flower is native to Sumatra, which is known to have giant petals and an unpleasant smell like rotten meat that can be smelled from a distance of half a mile (approximately 804 meters).

Corpse flower that blooms just in celebration of Good Friday and is expected to last until Easter celebration on Sunday (24/04/2011). Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Swissinfo news website reported that interest began to emerge from the soil surface in early March. Only in a few days, the flower grows approximately six centimeters each day. Generally, the Titan Arum blooms once in 10 years.

The stench of a distinctive and unique flower pattern that's what makes the Titan Arum as a coveted collector's interest in the whole world. When the bloom, umbrella-shaped petals that will open up to a diameter of about three to four feet.