Terrorist Action Changed So Jihad Individual

JAKARTA - The terror bombings that appear within a few months, indicating a shift in ideology of the groups who had been accused of terrorist acts.

International Crisis Group report on Wednesday (4/20/2011), states, involving violent extremism gradually change shape so small groups which acted independently of major jihadi organization. But these groups are supported by a large group.

These changes are a result of widespread arrests and efforts to weakening the structure of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), Jamaat Anshorut Tahuid (Jat), and other organizations that allegedly involved in terrorist acts.

Also mentioned in the report that this change is also the impact of the shift in ideology that is now more inclined to acts of jihad that is "individualized" than "organizational", low-cost small-scale killings and targeted than ever before.

Suicide bombing that occurred in the Mosque Mapolresta Cirebon and a series of bomb books shipped and circulated in Jakarta, a marker of this ideological shift. Therefore, the government asked to immediately develop prevention strategies to reduce the possibility of such groups are increasingly mushrooming.

The people who support jihad "organizational" believe that they will not be able to achieve their dream of establishing an Islamic state without a large organization and strong leader. They therefore consider it important to build public support.

Rather than engage in acts of terrorism, groups such as JI and Jat currently focused on building a mass base, by looking for issues close to the target of their proselytizing.

The longer, this will make them focus on "the enemies" local rather than foreign, with the goal of officials is seen as an oppressor, especially the police, the Christians, and members of the Ahmadiyah sect.