Prince William and Kate wedding cite this as a Game

LONDON - wedding day nears, the excitement does not mean the wedding plans of Prince William and Kate Middleton dimmed. Pair of British elite is now present in front of fans in the form of games. game developers game lovers invited to partner more closely with the British Empire through her ​​genre of puzzle games, Royal Wedding: William & Kate. Thus was launched the PC Retail, Tuesday (04/19/2011).

The main objective of this game is to make sure William and Kate's wedding goes according to plan. Players will help the two lovebirds were prepared at the same time ensure the event venue can be used.

This game has four levels short. At the first level, players must help William tidy her bedroom at Buckingham Palace and find the items needed.

At the second level, turn to Kate who need assistance to prepare at home. After that the players will go to Westminister Abbey to clean up the venue. Finally, after the wedding ceremony is completed, players must prepare the reception party.

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