Madrid Champion

Valencia - Real Madrid slowly break the dominance of Barca this season. Jose Mourinho's squad successful concoction won the Copa del Rey trophies, Thursday (21/4/2011) early morning local time, through the fierce battle that led to 120 minutes with a 1-0 win. Is Cristiano Ronaldo's header goal that became mere puppets in the headquarters of Valencia, Mestalla.

Reflecting on the result of 1-1 in La Liga action continued last weekend, of course, Barca and Madrid are reluctant to repeat the same thing. Moreover, El Clasico this time for the title Copa del Rey. The two architects of the team is definitely lowered his best squad.

In order to fill in the Starting XI Real Madrid, Mourinho is still relying on team goalkeeper and captain, Iker Casillas, among others, strengthened defense Sergio Ramos and Ricardo Carvalho, while the midfield to the front enlivened Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria, and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the stronghold of Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola chose lower second goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, the team captain Carles Puyol was nevertheless installed as the starter, the fort's defense relies on Gerard Pique and Dani Alves, Xavi and Andres Iniesta then remain as the midfield engine, equipped duo Lionel Messi and David Villa in the line of attack.

Sergio Ramos opened new opportunities for Madrid when the game lasts five minutes. Spanish international defender scored volley, which almost touched the hand of Adriano Correia, but not the right direction toward a goal.

Real Madrid Barca back pounding the defense. Noted entered minute 12, Ozil to send feedback on Ronaldo and Javier Mascherano could be anticipated. The ball fell to the feet of Alvaro Arbeloa, honey cross-kick wide.

Catalan giants nevertheless strike force looks tajinya. Instead, Ronaldo et al have not bored even bother Pique cs. Proven in 30 minutes, re-send umpun Ozil on Ronaldo's cross, but failed to use the Portuguese winger and Pinto secure the ball.

So that happened a minute ahead of the break. Working together nicely again shown CR7 and Ozil, until the ball was on Pepe. Bad luck apparently had not moved, where Pepe's header in front of goal only hit the crossbar.

Score goalless draw deliver the second half. Will Madrid continued to dominate the El Clasico this time? Guardiola seems to have found a brand-new strategy, which was unfolded on Messi et al in the locker room.

As a result, Barca created more chances in the remaining 45 minutes the second half. Entering the minute 51, the first dangerous chance obtained Pedro Rodriguez, but his shot bounced over the bar. Spanish young attackers again failed to break the deadlock in the 69th minute, his goal disallowed because the referee because he was in an offside position when receiving feedback Messi.

Again, Pedro Madrid goalkeeper was almost jarring. Starting from the bait Alves on Messi, who immediately directed the shot into the goal and success driven Casillas. Villa won the ball rebounds, and apparently forwarded Pedro Casillas failed unbreakable toughness.

The minutes end the match in normal time, Madrid re-ignited. Emmanuel Adebayor, who signed to replace Ozil in the 70th minute, Barca began pounding on defense. Manchester City striker's loan provides service on Ronaldo, which leads to the goal, but its speed is stopped Alves. At the end of time, turn shots Di Maria who fail to meet targets.

No doubt, the score nevertheless glasses change until the referee blew the long whistle. 30 minutes of extra rounds had to be held. Of course, tension rose more games. Yes, Copa del Rey trophies nevertheless moved from the mind of every player who is still fighting in the Mestalla.

Especially Ronaldo cs is so ambitious to break the dominance of Barca this season. Recorded in minute 98, Madrid resume their attacks. Pepe stole the ball from Xavi, and then forwarded to the successful passing convoy Ronaldo Adriano. This time, CR7 shot was wide.

But what happens when the game entered the 103 minutes? Madrid attack finally broke the deadlock a match that was exhausting enough. Starting from a cross Di Maria, who previously worked with Marcelo, and then greeted Ronaldo on the left side of Pinto's goal. CR7 crosses header from a considerable distance could not dammed veteran Spanish goalkeeper. Madrid winning 1-0 while.

Disadvantaged, Barca failed to loosen the attack. But Pedro, the use of bait Messi in minute 117, has not been able to change position. Madrid would almost double the score through Adebayor kick that still can be driven Pinto, and rebound the ball over to Ronaldo, and turn Alves who break the attack.

Uniquely, this time in El Clasico Madrid return must complete the game with 10 players. If the fight last weekend that expelled referee Raul Albiol, now Di Maria who was forced to leave the field during injury Tima. However, the release of Di Maria no significant effect.

El Clasico third this season, finally won by Madrid, thanks to goals from Ronaldo created merely puppets. Practical, Mourinho successfully realize the ambition of El Real lifted the trophy the last time achieved 17 years ago.