Hello Sun Back Greet Padang

PADANG - Residents of Padang back digegerkan halo around the sun at 11.00 am, though it was several times a Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) has nothing to do with natural disasters, but residents were still concerned with the solar halo.

Such as Noor said Widya Putri (19) mahasisiwa Academy of Midwifery Lenggogeni Pattimura street, this natural phenomenon makes it worried along with her ​​friends.
"In this year many disasters that hit the world. The Japanese have recently hit by tsunamis, and floods in other areas," he said on Wednesday (04/13/2011).

Yet he was scared of the experience of September 30 can not be forgotten throughout his life, the earthquake that devastated the region of origin in Pariaman adds worried.

"Indeed it is common natural phenomenon, but this time the rainbow sun why two-story, hopefully this is only natural phenomena alone," he said.

He hopes a natural phenomenon that swept the city of Padang is only a phenomenon only.

"We leave everything to God has nothing to do with natural disasters," he concluded.

From observations at locations around the street Okezone Pattimura Padang, many residents who see this natural phenomenon, usually rainbow that circles this mahahati only one but this time there are two circular rainbow, rainbow circle that second half is not full.

source : www.okezone.com