Great, Agnes Monica 7 Cup wins at Jpop Asia Awards!

JAKARTA-Achievement Agnes getting rocketed course, after successfully towed Michael Bolton, Agnes now won seven awards in Jpop Asia Awards.

There are about 26 categories in Jpop Asia Awards and Agnes able to bring the seven trophies the Favorite artist / band, Best Female Solo, Most Promising Artist / Band, Best Musical Ability (vocal, instrumental, etc.), Best Use of Social Media (facebook , twitter, etc.), Sexiest Female Singer, and the Most-Wanted To Be Girlfriend.

Paralyzed chanter is also directly pronounce her gratitude through Twitter. "Aaaaargh!!! Puji TUHHAAAAN!! Praise the Lord!!,"wrote Agnes, as quoted from Twitter on Monday (4/25/2011).

Praise from fans and artists such as Mona Ratuliu, Vidi Aldiano, Shireen Sungkar, came flooding timeline Agnes Monica.

This is a proud achievement of course because he had to compete as well with names such as Utada Hikaru, L'Arc en Ciel, Coco Lee and Super Junior. He also is the only Indonesian musicians who fall into the music awards. Congratulations to Agnes!