Attacking Compulsory Inter

Schalke - a landslide defeat at the first meeting at the Giuseppe Meazza, Inter Milan, such as carrying a mission impossible when alternately visited Veltins-Arena, home of Schalke.

La Beneamata predicted to swing smoothly into the semi-finals of the Champions League quarterfinals when drawing done some time ago. The reason, the defending champion only to see a black horse team Schalke.

But, the reality of other talk. To her surprise squad Leonardo Araujo slaughtered 2-5 by Schalke in the first leg on Wednesday (06/04/2011) then. Schalke on the wind, otherwise the Inter-ketir ketar because very little chance to retain the title.

However, Lucio did not want to sign up. Brazilian international defender instead called for the Inter appear to attack for the sake of replying goal deficit in Gelsenkirchen.

"The match in Milan is a disaster. We must forget it. I think we lost the power of psychology, especially after the opponent's derby Milan, where we did not play well, "said defender born 32 years ago.

"The match versus Schalke showed poor performance because the team conceded five goals," said Lucio again, reported by Goal, on Wednesday (13/04/2011).

Lucio denied further successive defeat which Inter won not because of fatigue, as he had previously disclosed the President Massimo Moratti.

"We were tired, but this is not the main reason we lost. Players need to know how to cope with fatigue, but this can not be a reason for this defeat, 'said defender who carried off from Bayern Munich.

"Now we just have to win, but win with four goals and benefits of this dulit. Everything is in favor of Schalke, spectators, conditions, and the results of the first leg, "said Lucio.

"Inter have to play against since the early minutes. We're here to get the results (positive), although it is difficult, "he concluded.