5 This is important in William-Kate's Wedding

LONDON - A number of invited guests marriage between Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton already started arriving. Currently, all committee kingdom was in a position to perform its role.

Cavalry, aircraft will be paying tribute to the bride and Queen Elizabeth II, the cannon is ready to release as many as 21 times. This great party will be a public concern. Similarly, a case cited Yahoo News, Friday (29/04/2011).

Approximately 10 thousand journalists have also been broadcast ahead of the marriage between Prince William and Catherine. There are five important things that the public would be expected, namely:

1. Wedding Dress
Prince William is known to use red guard uniform and non uniform dark blue Royal Air Force (RAF), who estimated that many people. While the bride's clothes are still a question mark. Kate's wedding dress deliberately withheld. Includes tiara to wear Kate.

2. The Guest
Guests are invited by the royal guests a choice. World leaders will be present, a number of representatives of the kingdoms of the world are also invited. The celebrities and world leaders will also be invited.

3. When Kate said "I do"
Just then, she officially became the wife of Prince William. And when it was also the daughter of Kate holds a degree in UK.

4. Kiss when the blessing
This moment is a highly anticipated event by the news hunters. When William and Kate said, "I do" they will not be kissing each other. Because the rules of the church in England banned it in the house of God. However, both will be kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Romantic event that will not only witnessed the guests, but hundreds of millions of people watching the show on TV and live streaming on the computer.

5. Pair of Prince Harry.
The younger brother is rumored to be holding her lover. He is Chelsy Davy. About the truth, we'll see some more time.