Rare American Mmap Found in Germany

MUNICH - Researchers from Germany found a copy of a rare map of the 16th century, known as "America's birth certificate". The map was discovered in Germany, recently.
This map was found in a 19th century book that is not related to the object.

Sven Kuttner, chief of the ancient books in Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich said, "It seems that this is the second edition and unique maps. Until now we did not get a hint of other maps such as this," explains Sven Kuttner, quoted by the BBC on Wednesday, (04/07/2012).

Furthermore, German researchers will create a map, print clearly in black ink on yellow paper, and will be published online in order to celebrate the Independence of the United States, July 4 in the U.S..

As for the larger version will be stored in the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

The fifth version
Researchers at the University of Munich have discovered a fifth version, of the four copies of maps drawn by Martin Waldseemueller, a famous cartographer.

Martin Waldseemueller make a copy of the map that first mentioned the word 'American' about 1507, thought he only made four copies. The map is known as the first and only document that mentions the name of the discovery of the American plains.

Waldseemueller land was named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, thinking that he who first discovered the continent before Christopher Columbus.

Waldseemueller, map makers of the famous 16 th century, using information from the reports mentioned earlier voyage through the Atlantic Ocean to compose the image of America.

Boomerang-shaped continent that he was drawing, recently known as the mainland of North and South America. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the map as a gift to the United States in 2007, to commemorate 500 years since the naming of America.