5 Important applications for Computers and Smartphones

CALIFORNIA - There are millions of applications used to support day-to-day activities. But sometimes, there is a confusion to choose the right application and find useful.

Reporting from Techradar, Monday (25/06/2012) This site has collected an average application is considered to be useful every day, either on computer or smartphone. These five applications are:

1. Picasa (PC and Mac): Picasa is considered as one of the required application.The software automatically organizes images found on the face in a photo album and to tag photos with a good degree of accuracy.
Even with a high degree of accuracy, Picasa can correctly identify the faces in the photographs was 30 years old.

2. Dropbox (PC, Mac, IOS, Android, and BlackBerry): This application is very usefulwhen you save the file on your home computer while you are out to work. Dropbox is very easy to use to share files that are too large to email, such as music albums.

But the functionality Dropbox does not end with that function. By installing this software, you can create a folder and fill it with files and folders you want to share.

The service also has an online synchronization, so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Chrome applications (PC and Mac): Chrome is not just for browsing, but alsohave the store features a full application that is packaged to download add-ons. Google Chrome is very interested in promoting as one of the very program you want to download.

So you can find games and other productivity applications, such as Listhings. The good news from the app store, most of which are free to use the application.

4. Evernote (IOS, Android, and WP7): Work that requires daily prduktifplan and structure. Evernote is a useful part of the software that works like a digital notepad, which not only "capture" of words but also images and sound.

5. Google Docs in the smartphone (IOS, Android, and WP7): This application is useful whenYou are in an important meeting and would like mengibah important documents. Although there are many applications such as Mirosoft Office, but Google Docs is considered easy to use.

Keep in mind, you should be online if you want to save and synchronize documents. Still, it can open and edit documents that already exist in the offline position. To use this free application, it takes a Google account.