Clinton would double capital gains tax on short-run investments: WSJ

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Edmund Hillary Clinton can propose nearly doubling the U.S. capital gains rate on short-run investments to thirty-nine.6 percent, the Wall Street Journal reportable Friday.

A Clinton campaign official same the Clinton rate set up would have an effect on investments command between one and 2 years, that ar presently taxed at a twenty p.c capital gains rate, the newspaper reportable.

Clinton, the contender for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, can define her set up during a speech Friday in ny. she's going to argue that company efforts to spice up stock costs within the short term undercuts longer-term economic process and hurts yank staff, the newspaper same.

Top-bracket single earners with ratable financial gain above $413,201 and married couples filing conjointly with financial gain higher than $484,850 would be affected, the newspaper reportable.

The campaign official, WHO wasn't known, same the set up wouldn't modification the capital gains rate for lower-income taxpayers, the journal same.

The set up wouldn't count an additional three.8 p.c tax on web investment financial gain enclosed as a part of the federal care law, it said.

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu; written material by Lisa Lambert)