10 ways that to create Money With Body Painting

10 ways that to create Money With Body Painting - Are you considering creating a living (or a minimum of slightly cash on the side) doing body painting? Is it even attainable to create a living doing body painting? affirmative, you'll keep cash as a 'pro' body painter, associated even youngsters as young as twelve have created sensible cash (like $500-$400 in an afternoon) doing straightforward painting techniques like airbrushed temporary tattoos at fairs and festivals.

It may be tough to believe that there area unit numerous alternative ways to create cash doing body painting. i do know that after I 1st discovered the art of body painting, i assumed perhaps you'll create some temporary cash at a celebration or honest. however there area unit several, more prospects, as you'll see.

Here area unit simply ten of the ways that you'll get paid to try to to body painting:

  1. Doing body painting at parties. you'll rent yourself for an evening or on a daily basis and obtain paid either by the hour or a flat fee for the event. 
  2. Painting party-goers before they are going to a celebration or event. Themed or vacation parties would be an honest chance for this. make certain you mention that you simply may body paint their friends, too! 
  3. As knowledgeable body painter for the theatre. you'll do one show for a reduction to urge within the door and obtain some recognition, if you do not have a journal nevertheless. 
  4. Travel with the circus as their 'in house' makeup creative person. 
  5. Become the official body painter for a dance company. Again, you'll work for an occasional fee or perhaps absolve to get within the door. 
  6. Face painting alone exposes many opportunities: parties, festivals, fairs, and special events all area unit attainable places for you to line up look. simply make certain (as with of these options) that you simply area unit exploitation correct, non-allergenic paints meant for face painting alone. 
  7. Special events like graduations, celebrations, fundraisers, and reunions. 
  8. Sports events: painting fans in their team colours and symbols has had an extended tradition. 
  9. Festivals round the world. There area unit many festivals specifically for body painting round the world, however there area unit more that might be a good place for body painting. research the festivals in your space and resolve the way to become a vender and what their necessities and rules area unit. 
  10. Teach others the way to do body painting. you'll hold a one-time workshop, provide current cluster categories or perhaps do an internet body painting course (as i'm doing).

I hope this provides you some sensible concepts concerning however you'll create cash as a body painting creative person. perhaps you have got even thought of some ways in which I did not embody...great! opt for one methodology, analysis what you would like to try to to to urge started, and select it!

Bonus Tip:

Here's a secret hint...as you're considering one amongst the probabilities on top of. do not opt for what you're thinking that would cause you to the foremost cash...choose what you're thinking that you'd happiest and best at doing. you'll perpetually create additional doing one thing you like doing, within the long run!

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