Miss Honduras Found dead

Honduras was left without representation in the Miss World beauty contest, which began today in London yesterday after being located the body of the participant María José Alvarado, next to his sister Sophia Trinidad, on the bank of a river.

The young people were reported missing since last Thursday.

We can confirm 100% that it is them, "said the head of the police investigation, Leandro Osorio, who added that the perpetrator is Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, Trinidad and Sophia boyfriend who is under arrest.

According to police, young Ruiz killed the night of the abduction, on Thursday of last week.

María José, 19 years old, and his sister, 23, disappeared after attending a birthday party at a nearby spa Ruiz city of Santa Barbara, 200 kilometers northwest of the capital.

Honduras, where several drug gangs and organized crime operate, has the highest murder rate in the world, 90.4 per 100 000 inhabitants in 2012, according to the United Nations.

The disappearance of the two sisters had prompted demonstrations in the Santa Barbara calling for her release. "May God protect them," it read in a banner on Tuesday that location.

Alvarado's death caused consternation in organizing the Miss World contest, which today has its opening day.

We are devastated by the tragic loss of two young vibrant. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends, "he said in a statement Julia Morley, president of the Miss World organization, who on Sunday will pay tribute to the memory of Alvarado.

She had to travel to London yesterday to represent Honduras in the Miss World pageant.

Since Saturday, the mother of two girls, Teresa Muñoz, filed a complaint for the disappearance of their daughters in Santa Barbara police, whose authorities began the search.

Osorio said that the bodies of the youths were found in the area of the village Cablotal, in the town of Arada, Santa Barbara, on the banks of river Aguagual.

You have the perpetrator of this heinous fact, as is Mr. Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, we found the murder weapon and the vehicle used to move them, "he said.

The police chief estimated that there are more people involved in the crime, the authors tried to clean the scene and are investigating them to charge them in court.

An expert in criminology Violence Observatory of the National University, Arabeska Sanchez said that "the murder has characteristics of organized crime."

María José was a senior computing Northern Polytechnic Institute.

Source: (http://www.excelsior.com.mx/funcion/2014/11/20/993197#imagen-5)