Google distinguished daily doodle Ofra Haza

Google (Google) remember Ofra Haza: The company released today (Wednesday, 19:11:14) Doodle on its home page it looks like a picture of the singer, in honor of the 57th birthday.

Doodle looks chest holding a microphone with a wire dangling, creating the Google letters. Clicking on the image leads to the search result of breast English name, and clicking on the icon on the image lets share it on social networks.

Ofra Haza was born in November 1957 in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood. The beginning of her career she did in the '70s Hatikva theater workshop, where she met Amargo over the years, Bezalel Aloni, and eastern Song Festival.

Later released albums often predicted, had roles in TV - especially for children ("children from the neighborhood of life", "butterfly"), and placed second at Eurovision 1983, which represented Israel with the song "live". Towards the end of the 80s she began her successful international career, in part because of the hit based on the liturgical poem "If locked". Breast died in February 2000 as a result of AIDS-related complications

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