Worsening the situation, the President of Burkina Faso Backward

The worsening security situation in Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore made ​​officially announced his retirement from the presidency.

Thus, while the military took over the running of the government in Burkina Faso. In addition, it was also announced the 90-day transition period ahead of elections there next year.

"I announce my resignation as president, and I declare a maximum transition period of 90 days to prepare for the elections are free and transparent," said Compaore, as reported by Al Jazeera on Saturday (01/11/2014).

For a while the presidency was taken by General Honore Traore. However, that does not mean the problems in Burkina Faso is completed.

"People are not satisfied with the policy. General Traore close to Compaore, we want someone else to be the interim president, "said a government-owned television editor, Arsène Evariste Kabore.

The situation in Burkina Faso is not yet fully recovered, the protesters are still occupying important streets in the capital Ouagadougou.