Executed journalist Steven Sotloff known for his war reporting Many

ISIS seems cruelly executed, American journalist Steven Sotloff only a week after his mother the leader of the group asked "gracious" and save her son.

Shirley is heartbreaking Sotloff bid for her son's life was ignored and video was today he published indicating the second American journalist, to be beheaded by the Islamic militant group allegedly bombed in retaliation for U.S. aircraft ISIS fighters in Iraq was .

Sotloff parents have declined no media interviews and have permanently an agonizing wait after James Foley was conducted last month and Sotloff was shown to her knees, wearing an orange jumpsuit and threatened with death. Their only public words were Shirley Sotloff video message to ISIS "Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said:" I beg you, be merciful justice and not [to] punish my son for questions he has no control over. I ask you, your authority use to spare his life. "

   At the time of his capture, Sotloff, 31, was in the Middle East for years as a freelance reporter, including stations in Yemen and Egypt. He wrote for Time Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Caller, foreign policy, and more recently for World Affairs Journal.

The reporter studied journalism at the University of Central Florida, Orlando Sentinel. His articles online show heartfelt reporting on the brutality of the Syrian war.

His parents live in Miami and Sotloff last tweet of August 2013 was the Miami Heat NBA team.

His Twitter feed, which reported its large online presence through his stories, showed a mixture of humor and seriousness about his reporting.

   Friends of Sotloff and his family had a White House petition calling on the government to do everything possible to save, freelance reporter started.

"Steven Sotloff is an American citizen and reporter with Time magazine, which is believed to have disappeared in August 2013," read the petition. "Today, on August 19, 2014 it was announced that Steven is a prisoner of the Islamist terrorist organization ISIS."

"We, the undersigned Drawing invitation to you, Mr. President Obama, to take immediate measures to save Steven life by any means necessary to take" it said.

Matthew Van Dyke, a documentary filmmaker, even "revolutionary" and friend of Sotloff, ABC News said, seen in Washington, DC, just weeks before Sotloff disappearance of the two the last time. Van Dyke has reported from the Middle East, and joined in the fighting during the Libyan revolution, and was held as a prisoner of war.

"We were talking about his upcoming trip to Syria," Van Dyke said. "I feel terrible, what he's going through, I can not really. Imagine I mean, I thought I had kept a hard time in Libya, but of ISIS for this long, Steven has been there for a year now and who knows what kind of conditions they are in., it is absolutely terrifying., I can not imagine. "

World Affairs, the journal, the last had Sotloff used, described him as "honest and thoughtful journalist who understand the history of local perspectives and report its findings to endeavor straightforward. He is certainly brave."