Why the U.S. Is ‘Coming to Help’ Iraq, Months After the Rise of ISIS

After President Obama's approval New air stikes in Iraq, Pentagon am Friday morning GAVE THE dying, that has begun bombing. Two U.S. Navy F-18-500 fighter jets FIEL-pound bombs on a laser-guided mobile artillery Heard ISIS, spokesman John Kirby after. Dying artillery was used "against Kurdish, forces defend Erbil, close to the US-staff," he said on Twitter. The USA IS nun again in Iraq officially to fights.

In A DECLARATION television on Thursday evening, President Obama announced that he had limited air strikes Targeted die in ISIS militants approved Iraq. Obama His case for A laid intervention, people are dying of No Yezidi militants haben die the market on the mountain caught describe crowd. "If we die to Help abilities unique to prevent a massacre, I then faith, United States of America die eyes Can not Make" Obama said.

The president said die UNITED STATES On the request of the Iraqi government action, but asked WHEN the Prime Minister Iraq, United STATES die, die airstrikes perform Mai, How Islamic extremists About Began Apply parts of the country, Obama said not. Here Is the President decided Why hat is beat that Office for the U.S. military time to ISIS to, DESPITE depths dislike purse, die in one to others involved in the Iraq conflict.

The situation in Iraq deteriorated recently hat BEFORE. 

Since months hat yourself die news from Iraq have been consistently frightening, But it IS in the last weeks overshadowed Worden, As the world turned its attention tragic events to die in the Ukraine and in the Gaza Strip. As a reminder, the state and the Islamic After Iraq Syria (Now Only BY die "Islamic State") took over some Iraqi cities large used in June President Obama several hundred American troops, American soldiers Iraqi At the shooters Support staff and EE in Baghdad. UU. message. Obama was during report According to Consider Targeted air strikes along, he repeatedly cut, die Iraqi leadership needed a way um, um deal with ISIS. "We can not do is for you," he said in June, shortly after ISIS Took Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city in the die. "Ultimately, it is THAN YOUR Iraqis sovereign nation to solve problems."

At the time it was thought that ISIS was concentrated on taking Baghdad, but held YOU back Shiite militias. ISIS Recently hat made progress in the province of Nineveh Northern genitals, and YOU the semi-autonomous device certificates in the region of the Kurdish insistence Iraq. IS A Kurdish Peshmerga relative dies Military-trained Big and good, Done But The Last Two days in ISIS, six cities guarded take.

"The Islamic IS A Non between the common struggle Peshmerga and the State" Yonadam Kanna, a member of the Iraqi parliament, dm Wall Street Journal said. "The state and multi-hat Islamic Larger stronger peshmerga Not ALS die weapons. Want This die and people lunch with the prophet Mohammed. Lives and die Home Peshmerga want to GO to a show with your dinner women haben. You do not play as dirty as the Does Islamic state of war. "

ISIS aims Religious minorities. 

ISIS was brutal murder of people in Syria and in Iraq, regardless of their faith, But Reports About Religious Persecution Haben grown together, die How in the northern Iraq militants Zog, area A, the home of many religious groups IS Small. Human Rights Watch reported that IF ISIS First Took Mosul, sawn, is that Christians and Yezidi Kurds die Ethnic Sindh, but VOR One folgen Islamic religion, That you "Welcome" and I have "Nothing to worry about." Then in July, began militants die introduction and Islamic law labeling Christian homes. ISIS finally circulated DECREE A die that Christians in Mosul and convert to Islam A could pay tax, or leave the city. IF YOU not to meet "Then is therefore to give it nothing, YOU, The Sword Single".

ISIS can commit genocide on the Yezidis. 

Dying in the Christian Haben Most YOUR Nineveh province leave houses, dozens of minorities and were hunted down and murdered was expected, Zog But the world of attention-die back in the Iraq war of persecution Yazidis together. It is therefore only the Old APPROXIMATELY 600,000 MEMBERS sect Worldwide, in life and death most northern Iraq. ISIS Took The Law on Urban weekend crowd, and die of the city of most inhabitants fled 300,000, after being a die militants now known threat. "We Will asked, uh convert Or lose our heads," said Khuldoon Atyas, die remained in the city. "There IS NO ONE coming, uh to help."

Yazidis MANY non Haben in time is reckoned from NPR and After hundreds MEN were slaughtered, and women die as slaves Made were calculated. 40,000 Yezidis fled to market over the mountain troop, and while some fighters is to restrain militants ISIS routes blocked all down the mountain Will. Now YOU are stranded on the mountain without supplies, children died from dehydration and dozens ALS sequence.

On Tuesday, Vian Dakhil the MP, die from the parliamentary Yazidis in Iraq, broke into tears while begging YOUR GOVERNMENT, die on the mountain Connect Help. "Now is therefore A is performed Yazidis to the genocide of the campaign," said Dakhil. "Brothers, let YOU all disputes aside Political, Want We here Humanitarian Solidarity Appeal on behalf of mankind: Save Us Save Us"

Washington Post explained that the IS Not like in the Iraqi military location for A large deliveries population as in rough terrain. Pentagon officials said that they have So far 5,300 8,000 gallons of water and intend to eat meals Ready favor and YOU die continued after NEEDS drops.

It is stationed in Erbil US personnel. 

Erbil, the Kurdish capital region, as the rest of the Stable hat SINCE Iraq years, so that,, ideal for families in June ISIS threatened Baghdad, some were calculated from the Embassy Americans ist die DEM laid Consulate in Erbil. Some American companies to display your doing the same employees is unclear and Is, How many U.S. citizens are now in the city. Aki Peritz, a former CIA counter-terrorism analyst, said U.S. GOVERNMENT die quick action, uh evacuate Americans WHEN YOU Think That If The consulate attacked Can. "You have a itchy finger BEFORE After all, Benghazi, you are not to die GO Let Americans getting hacked Internet and MAKE ins," he said Mother Jones.

Obama called die much more delicate mission, and while seiners in respect Patriotic Clock speech Thursday night. "If the life of US-citizens are in danger, We Will take action," he said. "This IS my responsibility AS commander. And IF thousands of innocent civilians Become extinguished with the danger, face, and we do in the situation, something Haben other hand, We Will take action. As This Is Our responsible Americans. A This is the hallmark American leadership. This Is who We Are. "