Venom F5, Prospective Fastest Cars in the World

Hennessey Performance Engineering has not been satisfied with the status of the fastest cars in the world, which is held by Venom GT Performance. Super car manufacturer from the United States is preparing models faster.

The model is Venom F5, which is prepared to be the strongest version of the Venom GT. Manufacturers based in Texas that still holds the record for the fastest car ambition in this universe by relying F5.

The name was inspired by the F5 tornado intensity scale, with winds between 420 kph to 511 kph. Targeted to have an extra 32 kph faster than the Venom GT.

"I think Venom F5 will have a range of 466 kph speed in numbers. Was faster than the Venom GT," Hennessey said the owner, John Hennessey, as reported by Top Gear, on Tuesday (05/08/2014).

Cardiac pacemakers are still relying on a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of 7.0 liters. This engine can deliver power of 1,400 horsepower or greater than 150 HP Venom GT. Hennessey will also revise the drag coefficient for the level of ability to penetrate the air resistance can be higher.

Details related to the launch and sale price can not be announced. Certainly, the selling price will be more expensive than the official price of the Venom GT is 1.2 million dollars.