Through Printerous, Instagram Photographs Printed So Artistic

Love posting photos to Instagram accounts to hundreds of them but confused how to print them? Or, want to see it in print like fridge magnets, photo books, etc.? Now you do not need anymore confusion.

Because through social services Printerous newly built early last year on account of various social media photo can be printed and made ​​into a more artistic in accordance with the wishes of the heart. Plus you can print it into a form of photobooks, canvas art, stickers and refrigerator magnets.

Founders were three young children which Kevin Osmond, David Soong and Paul Hyu from AXIOO Photography, and Christian of Fertile SB Printing Group.

"The idea came when we like to publish photos on instagram but nyetaknya how confused way," he said on Tuesday (08/12/2014).

This experience is also experienced by Kevin who has just had a child. "In the end only doang piled on the phone and can sometimes be lost as well. Converted to Printerous But if there are other artistic forms," he said.

Services are becoming the pioneers in Indonesia is somewhat unique. Through Printerious, consumers can select the photos you want to print based on the product and size. The design can be selected. The price offered is varied and still affordable.

Kevin previously worked as CEO of the Weekend Inc. is already experienced in the field of information technology for 10 years. In 2008 when the idea came, he and his friends just want to provide a cheap digital printing services, creative, innovative, and world audiences preferred.

"I created a simple application without any complicated way like photoshop. Means that all people are familiar with the gadgets could use Printerous applications," he said.

Now Printerous newly established two this year already has 7 thousand subscribers in Indonesia, Singapore and eastern Europe. The majority of the customers are women. "In all worn Printerous simple. Means that the create your own photograph," said graduate Bina Nusantara (Binus) class 2001.