Russia-US Mutual Unrequited Sanctions

Warming of Russia's relations with the United States and its allies long tails. Russia now has banned food imports from the United States and its allies.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Russia would begin to stop the import of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and cheese from a start date of August 7, 2014 and will be valid for the next year. Countries whose products are banned from touching the ground Russians are Australia, Canada, and Norway.

This decision follows the signing of a decree by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin ordered to prohibit or restrict foods from countries that impose sanctions on Russia.

"This sanction is not good, and this decision is not easy., But we have to do it," said Medvedev was quoted by Reuters on Friday (08/08/2014).

Russia has received a number of sanctions from the United States and its allies. A number of businessmen who allegedly close to the Putin regime is not allowed to enter the United States. Russia has also been removed from the G8 countries.

The roots of this tension began in February 2014, not from Russia, but the problem stems from the Ukraine.

In early 2014, Ukraine heats. In the state capital is Kiev is a demonstration of leadership rejects Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych were eventually forced to step down from his post.

The crisis that occurred since February of this cause very large impacts for both parties. This heats relationship stems from the crisis in the Crimea, a region located in the territory of Ukraine.

In February 2014, is a demonstration that the leadership rejected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych were eventually forced to resign from his post. Ukraine began to become the world spotlight.

Foreign countries began to intervene, including Russia which still had a major influence on the Ukrainians. Crimea, one of the areas in the predominantly Russian Ukrainian finally want to escape from the Ukraine and home to the bosom of Mother Russia.

In mid-March, the people of Crimea held a 96% voting result says it wants to return to Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed this.

But not for other countries. Crimean referendum is considered illegal. Even the United Nations declared that suspected Russian-backed referendum is not valid.