Nokia Working on Mysterious Android Project

Although the mobile business unit of Nokia has officially belong to Microsoft, it turns out there are some teams in the Finnish company is planning to re-immerse Android on Nokia devices.

Previously, Satya Nadella - Microsoft's new CEO - have stressed they will not continue variants Nokia X and will replace it with the Lumia phones to fill the entry-level segment that had been occupied by the Android phone.

But it could have been a long time Nokia did not agree with that decision. Because as quoted VR-Zone, Saturday (08/01/2014), the other Nokia - which is not part of Microsoft's acquisition - called seeking a lot of experts who understand the intricacies of Linux and Android.

It is not clear the reason Nokia did, however speculation that Nokia wants to have their own call garapannya phones based on Android.

Even so, it looks like Microsoft has been aware of this plan for a long time, because it prohibits the Nokia pembesut Windows uses its own brand on the device garapannya until December 31, 2015 That is, during the period of the Nokia device will always be equipped with the Microsoft name Devices.