Mute Anger Victim dismissal, Microsoft Offer Free Phones

Microsoft is trying to dampen the anger of the employees who will be the victims of layoffs by providing a Nokia mobile phone. According to the plan, there are 18 thousand employees who will be laid off.

Of these, 4,700 of which came from the Nokia factory and research and development centers are located in Beijing, which will leave 300 employees only.

It certainly enrages Microsoft employees, which could lead to demonstrations in front of the Nokia research and development center in Beijing.

To curb this, as in reports MarketWatch, Friday (08/08/2014), Microsoft will give a Nokia phone to employees who voluntarily resign.

Microsoft provides 300 phones per day for employees who want to sign the resignation package. It is unclear what else the compensation earned by the employee in addition to the Lumia 630 is a Microsoft. For additional information, Lumia 630 is currently selling at a price of USD 130, or about USD 1.5 million.

This information was first published by First Financial Daily, citing an internal Microsoft email. In the email, Microsoft stated that these gifts are available with the system who quickly he can.

Massive layoffs this is one way in which the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, that his company was still able to compete with other technology companies. In early 2014, Microsoft was never stated that they would make savings of USD 600 million per year.