Mating Season, Elephant's Love VW Polo

I wonder what's up with this one elephant. Because it is entering the breeding season, a car that was passing nearby was 'fucked'. Fortunately, the driver and passengers survived.

Yes, it does happen in a national park in South Africa when a VW Polo through to safari. These images were taken by photographer indianautosblog according to Armand Grobler.

The incident began when the VW Polo was the middle of a walk in Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa when the elephants are entering the breeding season. According to Grobler, when the breeding season, testosterone elephant rose more than 60 times the normal limit.

The result, he was aroused when he saw the VW Polo is nearby and try to bring the car making out. As a result the driver and passengers were terrified.

The car was crushed and 'stroked' by the elephant. The chassis of the car was damaged as a result. No signs of aggressiveness of the elephant which indicates he is only wanted romance alone.

When finished making out, the elephant went on his way leaving the car with the windows shattered, broken legs and a chassis that also damaged and traumatized passengers. Elephants ...