'iPhone 6' Splashy on Twitter

iPhone 6 continues to be a conversation. As usual, long before the launch of the latest gadgets, the speculation and milling leak. This time the iPhone 6 appearing on the Twitter account of a teenager.

Through Twitter accountcecilymohammed, the girls uploaded some pictures of himself holding an iPhone. Although only a short sentence with "iPhone 6", it invites a response TweetPic of thousands of followers.

Wednesday (08/06/2014), this TweetPic already retweet as much as 5,520 times and 3,293 people became a favorite tweets. Almost everyone who responded to the TweetPic questioned how this girl can get it before the official release.

A number of speculations were emerging, these teens are children of employees of Apple or have a special channel to Pegatron or Foxconn which manufactures the iPhone. If true, it's likely already missed her parents.

As we all know, Apple is very strict to maintain information about the product release. Even the employees are educated to smart mouth shut so as not to leak product information ahead.

Previously, it was rumored that the iPhone 6 will have a screen size of 4.7 inch - 5 inch, larger than the current iPhone.

Apart from the screen, the other information mentioned, Apple will bury some of the new features that previously have been immersed in the iPhone 5S, such as Touch ID features and A7 processors that support 64-bit architecture.