iPad et al Forbidden Chinese government, this a reason!

Chinese authorities banned the government institutions in the country to wear some Apple gadgets. A total of 10 models of Apple gadgets including laptops MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPad Mini may not be used in local government agencies.

As reported by Reuters on Thursday (07/08/2014), Apple's gadgets have been excluded from the list of procurement for government agencies, which are distributed by the Ministry of Finance of China and related institutions.

Imposed a ban on Apple products to Chinese government agencies, both central and regional levels. So, what is the reason that the Chinese government suddenly banned Apple gadgets? Apparently related to a matter of safety.

Government Bamboo Curtain country towards limiting the use of technology products from the United States. Therefore, they are anxious to use the products from the United States to conduct reconnaissance in China. United States spy known various countries according to documents uncovered by Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee who is now a fugitive.

Last July, the Chinese government-owned media also briefly stated that the phone Apple iPhone is a threat to the security of his country. It is associated with the ability to track the location of iPhone users.

Reports of CCTV, the state-owned television, criticized the iPhone's functions called the Frequent Locations. This function collects data where users go and how long in a place.

"The data is very sensitive. If such data is accessed, could reveal the economic situation throughout the country, even state secrets," said CCTV.

Oblique heard it, Apple immediately responded to appease their customers in China. Apple has denied using user data for a particular purpose.