Apparently, Initial Price Twitter Logo Only USD 15

In addition to the name, the logo becomes an important thing for a brand. However this is less echoed by giant microblogging service Twitter. Because, the initial company logo is not as expensive as expected.

Yes, as the popular Internet company, at the beginning of the Twitter, the company was apparently looking for a logo from a stock photography site, iStock.

After Twitter launched in 2006, Twitter bought his first logos at a price not more than USD 15. So that was quoted by Business Insider, Sunday (10/08/2014).

If you still remember, the initial Twitter logo is an image of birds that are perched on a twig tree. Bird logo was the dominant white and blue is not used at this time.

The creator himself is Simon Oxley, a graphic designer from England who settled in Japan. He was at the time to submit the photos to iStock. Oxley had never heard of Twitter at that time.

Twitter finally left design in 2009, because the company is not supposed to use iStock images as their official logo.

Twitter logo had experienced minor changes in 2012, exactly half the size of a little optimism showed up for Twitter.