Al Qaeda Select Android Than iOS

Apple by iOS has been embraced the majority of market share in the areas of education, enterprise and government. Competitors, Google Android is somewhat different, it is also preferred OS militant groups like Al Qaeda.

Recorded Future of intelligence data was able to trace the use of technology in the militant group. This is based on information leaked by Edward Snowden who called an accelerated increase of three organizational innovations like GIMF, Al Fajr, and ISIS, within three to months.

The whistleblower report notes that Al Fajr and GIMF both have apps on Android, with apps that claimed to be the advancement of technology to avoid detection.

According to Recorded Future, a few of the reasons why Android is favored by groups like Al Qaeda because Android is an open system which even install the software without going into the main App Store.

In addition, another reason they choose Android rather than iOS is concern that Apple may have collaborated with western governments are trying kegiataan identifying and stopping them.

As quoted from the Apple Insider, Tuesday (05/08/2014), the main reason for Al Qaeda and the like using the Android operating system because it is the biggest and affordable platform.

There are at least 85% of Android users are spread all over the world. Thus, they created the technology in Android mobile phone can be used in the often circulated in developing countries.