8 Facts 'Crazy' About Google

Google, which internet users who do not know him? Yes, Google can be regarded as a giant ruler of the internet universe. Inevitably, things 'crazy' had been ditorehkannya.

It is crazy here is not about the power of Google Glass, a car without a driver, or other futuristic gadgets were born out of Lab X - Google's secret lab.

But rather related to the achievement of that has been taken by the company founded by the deadly duo Larry Page and Sergey Brin are. Include the following as reported by Business Insider:

1. Google has bought a series of domain names that are considered to have the opportunity to slip (misspelings) of the name 'Google'. Domains that secured include Gooogle.com, Gogle.com, Googlr.com to 466453.com.

There must be asked, what Google link to 466453.com? Just look at the picture below. So surely you know the reason.

2 There are more than 2 million searches on Google every second

3 Google Doodle was first made by Larry Page and Sergey Brin August 1998 At that time, they and Google team visited the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, and wanted to give some kind of notification to people. Therefore, they invented Google Doodle featuring the logo of the festival.

4 In 2013, approximately 91% of Google's revenue comes from advertising. Want to know the numbers? Reached $ 55.5 billion, or more than Rp 648 trillion!

5. Google Search Index measuring more than 100 million gigabytes. This is equivalent to 100 thousand units of personal drive capacity of 1 terabyte.

6 Google has captured an image of more than 5 million miles of roads for its Street View service purposes.

7 Throughout 2014, Google has acquired 24 companies. That is, there are 3 companies are annexed in a month.

8 More than 6 billion hours of video have been watched on YouTube every month.