Waiting Duel Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6

Month of September 2014 is likely to be enlivened by the arrival of two models of smartphones that has been long-awaited by fans. Ie Galaxy Note 4 is a mainstay of Samsung and the iPhone 6 from Apple.

Galaxy Note 4 almost certainly appeared officially at the IFA technology exhibition which took place in early September 2014 in Berlin, Germany. In this event also its predecessor, the Galaxy Note and Note II III introduced prime.

Apple is apparently also being faithful to introduce new iPhone in September in each year. iPhone 5S for example, release on 20 September 2013 So is the iPhone 5 is released in the same month in 2012.

Interestingly, Apple is supposedly making the iPhone 6 in two widescreen models. One sized 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch size one. Means, the iPhone 6 will be close to the territory about the size of the Galaxy Note screen.

Yes, Galaxy Note series is touted phablet popularizing trend in the smartphone industry, a designation for mobile phones jumbo size, generally 5 inch upwards. Galaxy Note 4 was predicted to carry up to a size of 5.8-inch screen.

With a wider screen, the iPhone 6 is predicted to satisfy fans of the iPhone are already looking forward to the expanded size of the iPhone. Allegedly many are not satisfied with the size of the iPhone screen at this time.

"There is a lot of demand for a bigger iPhone. I think the iPhone 6 will be a very good sales," said Van Baker of Gartner research firm.

But of course the Samsung Galaxy Note with 4 arms do not stay silent. Note 4 is estimated to carry a wide range of excellent features such as eye scanner, super clear screen, and of course the increasingly sophisticated stylus. Who will win roughly? We'll wait.