Tweets Farah About Problem Gaza Attack Make Goosebumps

A girl of 16 years who live in Gaza report the residence during the Israeli attack through social media Twitter. Through his Twitter account, Farah Baker reveal the girl's name due to his fear of Israeli attacks bombard Gaza.

Farah Baker, was at home with the family when the bombing started. Farah then started twittering on twitter all night about the sound of bombs and rockets fell nearby. In addition, Farah also twittering about his comments about the attack and also upload videos on twitter audio recording, including recording a six-year-old sister.

Through her accountFarah_Gazan, Farah started her live tweets. He wrote, he could not stop crying and stated he would probably die. The account is believed to be the truth because the child is already live tweet about the situation in Gaza over the past three weeks.

"It's in my area. I could not stop crying. I'm probably going to die tonight," Farah wrote, as reported by, Tuesday (29/07/2014).

In other booms Farah also said, "I am 16 years old and have watched 3 times of war, as I see it, this is the most difficult."

The Twitter account now has more than 30ribu followers. Currently Farah began to sing about the attacks that occurred on Sunday night after the booms about Eid celebration.

Farah also continues the booms on the condition near his home, he said that he was not safe for around the house and do not bear the sound of bombs were so hard, besides electricity in his house also died, and there was only light fire.

"I was crying and could not stand the sound of bombs! I would lose my hearing," Farah wrote.

Not only chirp, he also share some of the video that shows what is seen and heard. Farah said, amid Israeli attacks which he felt was the worst. In addition, support is also coming from his followers on twitter who said that they would pray for the safety of Farah and Palestine.