'The Lord' of the Tablet PC Market?

Tablet PC market is still dominated by Apple, followed by Samsung. But lately, competitors bring strict opposition so that the two vendors are expected to be alert or potentially further erode its market share.

In Tablet Tracker Quarterly report compiled research firm IDC, the iPad is still the top-selling tablet with a market share of 26.9% in the second quarter of 2014 amount was decreased from the same period in 2013, where the iPad is still holding a market share of 33%.

IPad market share decline was also experienced that rely Samsung Galaxy Tab series. Samsung currently holds 17.2% of global tablet market, down from 18.8% achievement.

"Apple and in a smaller scale, Samsung, has been in the top position and still minimally affected the progress of the competitors., But now we see the growth of the smaller vendors, where the market has reached a new stage," said Jitesh Ubrani from IDC.

Yes, competitors Samsung and Apple is getting stronger so it needs to watch out. One of them is now Lenovo has 4.9% market share, number three behind Apple and Samsung. Lenovo recorded a tablet shipments of 2.4 million units in the second quarter of 2014, 64.7% surge from the same period the previous year.

Being in position 4 is an Asus with a market share of 4.5%. Followed later by Acer which according to IDC has a 2% market share in the global tablet PC market.