Lenovo Showcase Smart Glasses

Lenovo's intention to market a wearable gadget acted seriously. After some time ago registered patent smart glasses, Lenovo recently showcased its prototype.

The interface is similar to Google Glass, but appear thicker. The battery is located on the back near the neck of the user. But remember this is still a prototype, not yet known whether this model will be used.

Lenovo did not want to reveal more information about the prototype smart glasses. So, the leaked specifications were not revealed. However, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Lenovo promised to reveal details of the smart glasses around October.

June, Lenovo registering patents 'Electronic Devices and Sound Capturing Method' to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the patent description, included a sketch of the device in the form of glasses that looks similar to Google Glass.

In deksripsinya, this device looks simple, equipped with a built-in audio, video recorder and display VOD. Interestingly, Lenovo have called 'recording device' instead of 'wearable gadgets'. Maybe this is how Lenovo avoid lawsuits related to Google's privacy like that happened Glass.

Apparently, the appearance of the Google smart glasses technology companies successfully make others want to emulate. Besides Lenovo, Samsung also known previously registered a patent for a similar device.