Launched a month, Unique Cars Daihatsu sold well

Daihatsu car that can be dismantled and reassembled, Daihatsu Copen has received a very nice welcome. In the first month of sales, the car is already reserved thousands of units, 6 times larger than the announced target Daihatsu.

According to Daihatsu, their car is already reserved more than 4,000 units in the relatively short time between June 19 and July 22. This figure means six times the monthly sales target figure stands at 700 units per month.

Its unique shape makes the buyer Daihatsu Copen its 80 percent are male. But still, there are 20 percent of women who are interested in buying the car. Most of them are young children.

Even when talking about transmission problems. When a conventional sports car lovers prefer a manual transmission for performance reasons, 70 percent of buyers Copen actually has an automatic transmission.

Daihatsu has said that this is a sports car that is flexible because the car body can be assembled easily.

"This is the kind of car that has not existed until now. Models that users can easily customize it even after the purchase," said a senior executive officer in Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Hitoshi Horii some time ago.

One of the main characteristics of the Copen is a D-frame chassis featuring a replaceable body panels for the owner to be tailored to their desires. "The owner can update the car to their liking every time, at a time that is convenient for them," added Horii.

After this launch, according Daihatsu will periodically launch new models of the Copen so the owner can make modifications to their vehicles.

Power car itself comes from the 12 valve engine with 3 cylinders that will provide power to 64 PS (47 kW) at 6400 rpm with a peak torque of 92 Nm at the rate of 3,200 rpm. Power is then transmitted via a 5-speed manual transmission or CVT.