Challenge Google, Baidu Come to Work Smart Car

Baidu or often referred to as 'China's Google it' looks like it really wants to follow in the footsteps of Google. Internet giant version of this bamboo curtain which also announced plans to develop smart cars ala Google.

But Kai Yu, Deputy Director of the Institute of Deep Learning Baidu said garapannya smart car will act like a horse, rather than a robot like the Google smart car.

"(Cleverness) a car driver should not replace the function entirely, but give them freedom," said Yu, as reported by Engadget, Saturday (07/26/2014).

The purpose of what he said is a smart car is not meant to fully replace the role of the driver. As well as riding a horse that is controlled by the rider on it though, the horse can also define their own decisions related to road conditions.

"Freedom (driving a smart car) means that the car is smart enough to operate while recognizing the surrounding area, as well as horse riding, which can make their own decisions for conditions different way," added Yu.

The analogy also illustrates Baidu's plan seems to be to immerse advanced cruise control technologies on his smart car. Or you could say Baidu is not going to eliminate the steering wheel on the smart car as did Google, but remains no less sophisticated.