Giving Father 'Lillian Rose Diaper Bag' for Father's Day

already entered in June comrades, in June is a special month for dads. in June is Father's Day. 

have you got a present for dad? if not, this might be a special gift for your father. bag, this bag is not just any bag. with this bag, the daily work of your father will be younger and simple. This bag is very fitting for a special gift for the father in this. 

waiting for, let's buy before they run out

Product Information

  • Measures 17.5" x 6" x 12.5"
  • Bag has a Velcro closure
  • 7 outside pockets, a small zipper pocket inside
  • Perfect accessory gift for any new family
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Product Reviews

-This bag is very cute and actually functional but the construction is questionable. The stitching along the pockets looks quite cheap and started to fray immediately. I would have returned it but my husband likes it too much! 
-Gave it to my brother-in-law for my nephew. He Loves and and uses it all the time for taken my nephew to store, restaurant, etc. Thanks for excellent product and timely delivery to give it to my nephew dad. 
-Such great craftsmanship on this product. It holds a lot of supplies for a new Daddy and any guy in the trades wouldn't mind carrying this around. 
-I have bought 2 bags so far and will be purchasing more in the future. Finally, a present for the father at the baby shower. It's was a huge hit at the showers. I put baby's first tools in the pockets to make it even cuter.

-Too cute and awesome quality! Cute idea for a guy who doesn't want to look like he's carring a purse.

-I wanted a duffel bag from Caterpillar and my wife didn't. This is what she found on Amazon that I could definitely agree upon! Perfect diaper bag for a rough and tough little boy!

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