Production of iPhone 6, Apple's Submit Sapphire Glass to Foxconn

Apple mentioned would use the sapphire material to make cell phones the iPhone 6 . RECENT , Apple reportedly began sending material to the sapphire glass manufacturing company in China .

Launch reports Ubergizmo , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) , based on company reports that UBS Securities said that Apple began sending material sapphire glass worked by GT Advanced Technologies company in Arizona to manufacturing partners in China , namely Foxconn .

GT Advanced Technologies manufactures glass material sapphire predicted one month ago . However, the amount of material sent to the sapphire glass Foxconn is still in very small amounts .

Based on information from the CEO of Apple , Tim Cook , said some time ago that the use of undisclosed material sapphire glass . But rumors circulated calling for the use of the sapphire material coating the iPhone mobile phone screen to be more robust and not easily scratched . Given sapphire is the second strongest material in the world after diamond .

Previous use of sapphire glass material has been used by Apple in the mobile iPhone 5S . That is to coat the back of the camera lens , as well as to increase the sensitivity of the fingerprint sensor . Other news again mentioned , the use of sapphire glass material will also be used for construction projects iWatch smart watches