This Look Google Motorola Moto X?

DetikNet - Google and Motorola ready to collaborate in making the smartphone named Moto X. Her presence is still mysterious, making many people grope like what display of the mobile phone.
The curious thirst may be a bit lost with the presence of intact appearance of the Motorola Moto X that was recently leaked on the internet. From the picture it revealed the face of the phone.

Claim this photo also shows that the Moto X will likely carry the large screen size. May not be less than 5 inches, so that from Cnet, Sunday (07/14/2013).

Unfortunately there is no other information about how great of specifications offered by Google and Motorola's.

But this picture proves that the Moto X will be available in the near future. Moreover, already strengthened by jeperetan other image that shows the Google executives Eric Schmidt using the device.

Google does have great hopes for this phone. Even the massive campaign funds Google is prepared for the potential cell phone. Unmitigated, I will pour $ 500 million.

Moto X is the first handset output post-Motorola Mobility acquired by Google. The technology giant is set aside for marketing whiz smartphone that both the United States and other countries.