This AMI Awards 2013 Winners List

Okezone - The award for the music industry, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards 2013 held at the finish Tuesday, July 2, 2013 until after Wednesday morning.

Some musicians go home with full of joy because not return empty-handed. Musicians who received the most awards is the band Noah who bought six trophies, Chakra Khan three trophies, Bunga Citra Lestari three trophies, Coboy Junior two trophies.

The highest award won by Noah, the Best of the Best Production Work, and Best-Best Album.

Here 28 awards AMI Awards 2013 that achieved by the musicians:

- Best Newcomer: Chakra Khan
- Duo, Best Kids Group: Junior Coboy
- Production Works Best Vocal Group: Junior Coboy
- Best Pop Female Solo Artist: Justin Bieber
- Best Film Soundtrack: True Love - Justin Bieber
- Production work dance / dance Best Electro: Justin Bieber feat Intan Ayu - Hot
- Duo / Group Best Pop: Noah
- Dangdut Contemporary Female Solo Artist: Ayu Ting-Ting
- Best Vocal Group: Cherrybelle
- Best Pop Album: Noah
- Gatherers Best Record: Stephen Santoso (Something - Piyu feat. Inna Kamarie)
- Duo / Group Rock Best: Box
- Best Pop Songs: Chakra Khan - Must be Separated
- Best Pop Solo Artist: Chakra Khan
- Production Works Best Collaboration: Once, Gugun Blues Shelter
- Rap / Hip Hop Top: Bondan Fade 2 Black
- Best R & B Soul: Agnes Monica - Young
- Cross Section / Alternative: Pure Saturday
- Best Kids Songs: Super7-BFF Best Friend Forever
- Duo / Group dangdut Best Contemporary: Ridho Rhoma and Sonet 2 Band
- Solo Male / Female Keroncong Best: Indra Utami
- Jazz / Instrumental jazzy Best: Indro Hardjodikoro
- Artists solo male / female Best Rock: Nicky Astria
- Duo / Group Best Urban Pop: Noah
- Best Pop Music Playground: Noah
- Best Urban Pop Solo: Barry Manilow
- Works Best of the Best Production: Noah
- Best Album of the Year: Noah